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In the Clouds:

Clouds are the rage these days and for good reason. They are easy to maintain, accessible from anywhere, remove a burden from your IT staff, are not affected by local power failures, and more….

The downside is that all vendors charge $3,600 or more per year for your program in the cloud.

We like clouds and will provide one if you like. But we also like the idea of having local data on local computers. So it is your choice, cloud or no-cloud. We will quote either way.

Web vs Desktop:

A careful integration of web and desktop operations will leverage the effort of your employees so you get more work produced in less time . Some advantages of this approach are noted below.

Speeds entry                     

Dictate or type, your choice. We use point and shoot rather than that annoying word completion approach.

Avoids duplication

Text, notes and more is sent directly to the database. No transferring of hand-written notes.

Makes inventory easy 

Our web-based inventory program makes inventory a snap.

MCSystems Fleet Management




  • Visibility - Our visible design reduces errors and omissions.
  • The Work Order - Easy entry and a most usable form.
  • Simple Operation - e.g. A click of one button clears completed items from the active list.
  • Advanced Scheduling - Items scheduled in advance (for example leaf pickup).
  • Templates - One-Click template creation for repeating jobs.
  • Cost/Budget Tracking - Work costs are posted to appropriate budget items to assist in developing subsequent budgets.
  • Historical Data - A history of work orders, work order detail, and budget data is kept by the year.
  • Staff Performance - Visible on-screen for supervisors.
  • Complaints - A log of complaints is accessible during work order development.
  • Work Order Audit Form - Total job cost is shown as well as separate labor, material, contract, and equipement cost.
  • Import Your Existing Data - Generally free, let us have a look.

Affordable Work Orders Program for Public Works Departments

Overview Screen:

This is not a re-worked commercial program that doesn't quite fit. it is a program designed specificlally with the needs of the public sector. There is no way any of our competitors can provide easier to use software that can perform like ours


Two Important Reports:

Our fleet maintenance program has many list-type reports, but here are two important job reports



...that when you upgrade to MCSystems software, the data from your previous system is converted and imported into our products? Do any of our competitors do this?

...that MCSystems products are the best available in New Jersey? Both in depth and breadth our programs are better than the competition. Yet both purchase and annual costs are lower.

...that MCSystems is willing to challenge any other system for ease of use. Counting keystrokes alone, we believe that most of our programs will require 50% or less of the keystrokes for the same task in another program.

...that we are passionate about what we do: the design and implementation of the best quality software to help municipalities, counties and states.

...that our competitors would love to be able to write software that has the visibility (the big picture) and the screens that we provide. But they don’t know how, they don’t have the vision, and even if they could provide them the job would be far too expensive!

About Us

MC Systems Software LLC is dedicated to making life easier for municipal employees. We, at MC Systems, write software that does the grunt work for you. It does this work easily, efficiently and completely.

Take a look at our offerings. We would love to show them to you!. Call us or text us at the number below if you would like a demo